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naarm/melbourne based dancer, movement educator and improviser


Born and based in Naarm, Jacqui has been involved in dance since very early childhood, and sees it as an integral and significant part of their life and identity. At age 3, Jacqui took the common route of learning ballet, and maintained this training all the way up to adulthood, but is now focused predominantly in the realm of contemporary dance. 


Recently Jacqui’s practise manifests in a blend of dance education, solo and group improvisations, writing about personal experience with dance, and regularly attending dance and movement presentations across Naarm. 

Jacqui is a keen improviser, with a strong fascination in creative thinking, tangible movement tasks and structured improvisation - all trademarks of past works they have made. When teaching, Jacqui looks to ensure safety, validity of choice, lightheartedness, pleasure, identity and joy into these creative spaces, utilising fundamental contemporary dance techniques, phrase work, textural sound, and personal impulse. 


Skills on offer:

Contemporary Dance Classes - Beginner to Advanced Levels 

Improvisation Workshops 

Rehearsal Direction and Mentoring 

Youth Dance Education

Image Credit to Rosalind Drummond



Jacqui Maida & Collaborators invite you to be present alongside us in a new dance work: As Things Go. The performance looks to be an environment in which the audience witnesses live decision making within the context of a framework developed by the choreographer, called The Lettuce, Book and the Lighting Desk. We have asked ourselves throughout the process what it has meant to be witnessed, whilst attempting to be a fulfilled and authentic self, so please join us in an attempt to be closer to the answers.

As Things Go - Final Banner.jpg

Process. Fulfilment. Practice. Present Self. Individuals. Dancing. Social. Lettuce. Duration. Spending Time. Decision. Improvisation. Choice-making. True. I don’t know! Identify. Book. Instinct. Lighting Desk. Destiny. Anticipation. Why Rush? Generating. Leaves. Accepting. Framework. Together.

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